As per Apendix 14-I-F and
as per terms of the LUT,
the CA Certified
Annual Progress Report need
to be submitted within a period
of 90 Days following the
closing of Financial Year
(ie. June 30th 2014)

Welcome to STPI

India has many reasons to feel proud about the success of its Software Industry. During the post liberalization era, Govt. policies have acted as a catalyst and facilitated the growth of IT exports.

The software Industry has attained global recognition primarily because of the timing of the policies and simplistic procedures laid-down by the Govt. when they were needed. The Industry also has responded very well to the changes in the policy.

The right partnership between the Govt. & Industry has facilitated this success. Establishment of the Software Technology Park Scheme in 1991 has been a step in the right direction, at the right time.

The Role of STPI in the growth of the IT industry has been tremendous, especially in the case of start-ups SME's.